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The following materials may be downloaded and reproduced for promotional purposes at any event at which PUSH Physical Theatre has been booked, or as support material for interviews and articles. The PUSH Logo and/or name must appear with any images used. Any changes to images or text must be approved by PUSH (click here to email).

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View online or download A Case for Physical Theatre

Advertising copy – (copy & paste)

Gravity defying PUSH Physical Theatre has been called a cross between fine art sculpture and the hit movie “The Matrix.” You have NEVER seen anything like this before...it’s cool, it’s athletic, it’s entertaining, it’s impossible to resist... This theatre of the body features performers who appear to manipulate time and space in a live environment.

It’s all about the stories. The narratives of our lives played out with hope, strength and optimism. Once you’ve experienced PUSH, you will know the strength of the human soul expressed by the power of the human body.
PUSH’s unique form has transformed it into a national company that has performed all over England, across the United States and Mexico and appeared on PBS and NPR.


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  Push Physical Theatre - founded by Darren & Heather Stevenson - Rochester, New York - ChitChat@pushtheatre.org