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“PUSH – Serious theatre that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

PUSH brings people together. It’s eminently accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds while being profoundly transformational. PUSH hits hard, emotionally, but retains great respect for the characters it portrays and the audience it performs for.

“...it was very personal. It made me feel vulnerable, like how do those people know all that stuff about my life, about how I feel?"
— Audience Member
Monroe Community College Performance.

PUSH has performed for audiences of 5,000 at the Cleveland Convention Center. They’ve appeared at the US Classic Gymnastics Championship for Olympic hopefuls at the Blue Cross Arena in New York. But they’re equally comfortable at fringe festivals and frequently perform in intimate spaces for small audiences. A church in Birmingham, England commissioned Darren Stevenson’s solo “The Soldier” for a group of WWII veterans in honor of Memorial Sunday. This work has now been performed all over the US for those effected by both Gulf wars.

PUSH’s unconventional artistic process can be viewed at the Facebook project page where the online community is given an opportunity to view video of work-in-progress and offer comment and opinion. These are taken into consideration and influence the finished work.

The style is non-traditional, but the impact on the people who’ve seen them puts PUSH at the heart of the essence of theatre.

“The manner in which Darren and Heather Stevenson, directors of PUSH Physical Theater, approached their art inspires them to deal with issues of the heart that are universally relevant to the human experience. They reach an echelon of expression in this genre that I have never experienced. During their recent concert here at Belhaven College I was emotionally and situationally immersed in their art; I cried and laughed deeply. And now, a month later, images from their concert still motivate me in my daily environment. That’s powerful!”
— Stephen Wynne
Assistant Professor of Dance, Belhaven College
Artistic Director, At Marah Dance Theatre

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PUSH Physical Theatre - founded by Darren & Heather Stevenson - Rochester, New York - ChitChat@pushtheatre.org